What type of transport dou you use / have?

South Africa
January 20, 2008 3:15am CST
Just intersted to know how the people of mylot get around in their daily lives? Cars, trains, busses, bikes, walking? Let us know how you do and what you have! Personally, i drive. Public transport in my country is not very good at all. I have a 2006 model Volkswagen (VW) Polo 1.4 It has just over 30,000 kilometers on the clock now and still going like a dream!
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• Romania
3 Feb 08
Hello, I'm a student in another town and I don't have a car so I usually use a bus if the distance is big or if I have to get fast in a place I grab a taxi and in rest I walk. But when I'm home I use my dads car instead of the bus or taxi. I use it only if it's available if not I still use the bus and taxi:(. My dad has a Dacia Logan 1.4 Preference from 2006. It's a very good car and very cheap.;) Take care and have a great day. ScarFace.
• Philippines
29 Jan 08
when i go to work i didnt use car to arrive in my work. i first ride a "tricycle"-a 3 wheeled drive passenger vehicle where a total of 7 passengers can ride including the driver. there is a so called "sidecar" attached to the motorcycle which 4 passengers can seat and the 2 passengers can ride at the back of the driver. each passenger would pay 7 pesos fare and it will drive us to the terminal where all the passengers will ride another vehicle. and there's another one, the so called "pedicab" just like the tricycle also 3 wheeled but its a bicycle driven, no engine needed but a person doing the pedal movement.
28 Jan 08
Interesting question. As we see that different peoples has a different life and living, for sure the type of transport it is used is different, too. But, what is important is to be happy. Be happy! as the text of the songs I listen is saying.
@palina77 (1178)
• United States
27 Jan 08
mostly walking and taking the bus but i also get around by car my sister takes me places...........................
@lightningd (1041)
• United States
27 Jan 08
Well, I live on a small ranch in a very rural area, our roads are questionable at this time of year, well, actually most of the year, so I drive a Chevy Silverado 4X4 3/4 ton truck that is a 2002. We don't even have public transport out here where I live.
@trinale (1479)
• United States
20 Jan 08
Unfortunately, the city I live in doesn't have public transportation. I have to use my car. Believe me, if they had it, I would take a bus in a heart beat.