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January 20, 2008 10:43am CST
I noticed a lot of people are very heavily against MSG. The stuff has been blamed for some people getting sick due to an 'intolerance'. It's also claimed to be linked to headaches, brain damage, depression and obesity. This is obviously inaccurate as Asia's been using MSG for how many hundreds and thousands of years. (Including of course the time prior to them learning how to extract pure MSG from where it naturally occurs.) So then why isn't Asia full of obese, depressed mentally challenged people plagued by constant headaches? I think the most ridiculous point anyone ever mentioned in their claims against MSG is after someone claimed MSG couldn't be that bad, and then this person likened it to cyanide which is also 'naturally occurring'. Which is like comparing a moldy potato to a rock. Cyanide isn't food, MSG is something released when boiling a kind of seaweed... much like how gelatin is from boiled animal bones. Then there's the other difference, Cyanide occurs on it's own. MSG is part of something else and you only get it by extracting it. If they were going to compare it to anything with a negative connotation they should have compared it to opium. MSG; is it bad or have people just given it a bad reputation?
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23 Feb 08
all additives are hazardous to your health. there are much more additives used in the U.S than any other country, which is probably the reason why there is such a large population of individuals in the U.S that are disease stricken due to the tainted food they eat. Other countries have tougher regulations and rules against the use of unhealthy chemicals, but the FDA is obviously a free-for-all.