tonight topic of dicussion is when girls start to mature!!!

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January 21, 2008 2:47am CST
So here we go tonight I had a group of friends over all the male variety. So I'm this female in a sea of males.LOL!! And my one friend say my wife said that I'm going to have to be ready to field some questions if she's not home since our daughter is getting to be about the age where her monthly friend flo is going to be coming. My wife procede to ask me what I would say to her. I told her that I would say to our daughter to get sit on the toilet til your mom gets home. No mind you this is my friend telling the story so I'm trying to envision my friend who is a big guy saying this to his daughter and then that got me to thinking and I turn and ask my other half what are you going to do in about 2-3 yrs our oldest will be in that boat. He looks at me and say what he said it's all you honey I'll deal with the boys you get the girls. I then proceded to say if I'm not home he'd better do better than that. So this got me to thinking. How would you like your significant other to handle it if you weren't home to field you daughters questions? Guys how would you field you daughters questions on this subject if your wife wasn't home?
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@SViswan (12065)
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21 Jan 08
I have 2 boys and the older one is 7. I was just asking my husband last week about how boys start to mature. I felt it would have been a cakewalk for me if it was a girl. I think I would have told her in a year or two what to expect and what to do...unless she asked me about it earlier. I'd also be watching for signs that she is about to get her monthly and prepare her accordingly. But I know for sure that my husband would skirt the issue (he'll do it with the boys too) and silence will be the best policy. Knowing him I doubt if any daughter of ours would go to him and if it happened when I wasn't around, she'll just have to call me up and ask what to do. My husband would probably go find a book and get her to read all about it and get out of the place as quickly as possible. I wish that wasn't the case though. My mother wasn't home when I came home from school. I had it at school and came home and talked to dad who told me what to do. I already knew what to expect and what it was all about (thanks to Dad and Mom)...but didn't know what to do.
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21 Jan 08
Yeah I'm think about in a yr or two I'll start talking to my daughter about it and what to expect and to lighten his load so that he doesn't have to deal with it. I think that it would be disasterous if my other half was left explaining it I can see it now she'd be scared for life.
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14 Feb 08
I would have to agree that my honey would not do well. Though it would be funny to video tape his reaction for Americas Funniest Home Videos. I'm just not that cruel to my daughter who I will be having a talk with soon. LOL!!Boy does time go by quickly.