Scripted shows or educational?

@DJ9020 (1596)
United States
January 21, 2008 4:14am CST
I love scripted shows, like dramas, crime shows, comedies, etc. I want to just be entertained and let my mind relax. But my husband prefers educational shows like history, or science, or nature type shows. Sometimes I like those, too, but sometimes I just don't want to think that much. What are your favorite shows? Or do yo prefer the 'reality' shows like American Idol, Big Brother, etc?
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@vivasuzi (4127)
• United States
21 Jan 08
I prefer reality BUT I do enjoy the science and nature shows too. I guess I need a balance between scripted comedies, reality, and educational. If I were to only watch reality I'd probably turn into a super dumb person! So you gotta mix in something that takes a little more brain power to watch :)
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
21 Jan 08
I guess I am like your husband as well, I love watching National Geographic and Discovery Channel. I think these are fun and best way to learn new things, to get informed and also to get preview all the latest technologies and innovations they feature. A little bit of different from the usual shows you get to watch on televisions, more realistic than those of scripted shows and dramas!;)