Do you know Netease?

@youless (104225)
Guangzhou, China
January 21, 2008 8:22am CST
Netease is and it is one of the famous websites in China. I mainly use its online photo album. I have taken nice photos in these few days and yesterday I wanted to upload it. However the speed is too low to upload photos. I try it today and it is the same. It is very annoying. I have made a call to Netease many time today but nobody picked up the phone. I always told that the operator was quite busy and I should call later. It is a 24 hours service and it's hard to believe it doesn't work yet. I think they hung up the phone on purpose so that they won't receive any complaints. I feel so angry to it. Tomorrow I will make a call to them. If they have any technical problem, they can just say it in the website and no need to do such stupid behaviors. I am so disappointed to Netease now. If my photos are not there, be sure I will change another photo album website.
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• China
22 Jan 08
I use its online photo album ,too.But I mainly use its e-mail. You said the uploading's speed was too low.Are you in China now?If not,the situation is very normol.But if you upload in China,you will find that it is quick.I am in China now,so I know that very much.We all know that it takes longer to open an overseas' wed page than to open a domestic one.And ,it took me long time to open this wedsite. There is another reason why the speed was low.If your bandwidth is too small,this situation will be to arise. I hope you enjoy the photo album.
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@youless (104225)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Jan 08
I am in China. I admited it uploaded very fast in the past, but it changed since Sunday. Are you sure you can upload photos as well as in the past? I already use ADSL and I am sure that the connection speed is no problem.