love? such a confused feeling

January 21, 2008 12:20pm CST
is it safe to fall in love, or better to think of your career
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@ayou82 (3459)
• Philippines
11 Mar 08
Love comes the least you are expecting it. DOn't close your doors as you don't know when will it comes again.. Career.. a bit of ability and you can always get one.. but love specially if its true then you lose it.. better grab the chance listen to what your heart tells you.
@mnsrwt123 (2058)
• India
9 Mar 08
I think we should first concentrate on our career and then love will happen automatically when you became successfull person. As there is no life without success or work. And i have also seen that a lots of people just fall in love at their career stage and didn't able to do any thing in their life, as they didn't able to concentrate on their career. Cheers!!!
@joyangz32 (322)
• Netherlands
23 Jan 08
It is better to choose first career then love. When you already have your career then you can have time for love. Then everything will come to your way. Think good about it.
@mzz663 (2777)
• United States
22 Jan 08
think of your career!! Love, marriage, babies, houses, all of that can come later in life....get an education. go to school, be who and what you want to be. get the job you want, the clothes, the home,the car, then worry about love...... if you worry about being in love at such a young age and end up marrying and having babies, you will always work hard, nothing will ever be your own, you have to share everything with this person you love and any children that could possibly come from it. get what you want!!