Does your job involve dealing with the general public/people? how do you handle

January 21, 2008 6:37pm CST
rude/mean people? Like, say you work at a fast food restaurant, a gas station, a bank, a grocery store or a department store...or better, maybe you are a security guard or a telemarketer-someone whose job it is to piss people off... How do you handle rude people? I've worked at a gas station and actually got called a fat b!tch because the gas prices were high, I am a security guard right now at an airport, and we have to do random bag searches (like every 7 people get their bags searched) and we get called every name you can think of...I've actually been accused of judging by appearance, which is hilarious...I mean...ha. LOOK at me, c'mon!
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23 Jan 08
My first jobs were working in a restaurant and I came across my fair share of rude people. Some liked to complain, sometimes loudly, about an order or prices which I had no real part in except serving. I always tried to be as polite as I possibly could and never let them show they were getting to me. I can't say I never thought something bad in my head though. ;) Through most of my adult life I've worked in the medical field, doctors offices and nursing homes. Rude people in those settings don't get to me as much. I understand that some just react out of fear or nervousness. I try to stay as calm and reassuring as possible.