What is your idea about extra-marital affairs ?

January 22, 2008 8:16pm CST
Nowadays , i hear so many times that who and who has a affair .... i don't know why this happened so frequently ? If you don't love some or you still love someone , why have you had a affair with others , and cheat you lover ? Have imagin that your lover has cried for it , and is afraid of telling you that she has known this ? She won't do that because she won't lose you and hope to company with forever ? ...........There are so many reasons , which i have no idea . in my heart , when you establish relationship with somebody , you must be loyal to you partner , if not , let it go
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@musicman6 (2391)
• United States
24 Jan 08
I agree with you Cindy, if you don't love somebody just let them go! Why go through all the turmoil, and trouble, life is too hard as it is , why make it harder! Yes, I myself have been tempted, I've had chances, but I stood strong on my beliefs, and didn't give in!!
• United States
23 Jan 08
You said that right. But in my opinion so many people are cowards so they take the easy road. Cheat and disrespect the one who is at home waiting on you. Many people stay out of financial gain or not wanting to get off their azz and be independent. I would never stay for the child sake. Why ruin a child by letting them grow up in a flucked up home? Any physical contact is an cheat. Going back for more is an affair.