Is there a one more chance to the person who love but he/she leave you much pain

January 23, 2008 12:09am CST
How could you give a one more chance if that person could leave you much pain, give scar to your heart. How would you face this situation?
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• Malaysia
24 Jan 08
I will give her a second chance. As what people say, when you give others a second chance, that's mean you give yourself a second chance also. But please learn from mistake. Be aware of what she/he do to you. If he/she beg you to give them a second chance, make a strict rule. But, anyway... If you doesn't "feel like home" with her/him anymore... just step away and get another guy/girl.
@asunnys (30)
• United States
23 Jan 08
I was there with my now-husband of 8 years. We had only been officially together for maybe 4 months, but had known each other and been friends before we starting dating. He broke up with me and started acting very cold and hurtful. He didn't just break my heart; he ripped it out and ground it up. To me it wasn't about just forgiveness for how he had made me feel. Yes, he had to prove himself to me, but what made me give him another chance were my feelings for him. I loved him, and couldn't just let him go for good without giving it one more try. 11 years later we are married with a 9 year old son and happy. There has been more pain for both of us, but we draws us back together is the love we feel for one another, which is stronger than the hurts.
@piatos03 (395)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
I've never been the kind of person who believes in second chances. Maybe it's because I've never truly loved a person so much to see them behind their faults and the pain that they've cost me. Because if they did it once, the chances that they will do it again are pretty high. But if this one person that I recently broke up with were to come back, I would drop anything just to be with them. Because I love them more than anything. Even if the goodbye was so cruel and painful, I would gladly take that person back. Just to have that feeling again. That happy feeling. So, what you should do really depends on whether you still harbor feelings for this person. Are you willing to take a chance again? Are you sure he won't hurt you this time and will take great care of your heart? It is all up to you. I suggest you make a pros and cons list. But still, it will be your feelings that will matter the most in the end. And your sanity, of course.
@rsa101 (24934)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
Well is there any love left in you for him? If there's none you don't even need to answer that question anymore. If there is then it is up to you. There are more questions to ask and must be answered before you finally jump into it. Are you ready to get hurt again in case he does it again? How sure are you that he won't repeat that again to you? etc etc...