Do you pick-up your nose, even if you are having a conversation with someone?

January 23, 2008 1:39am CST
I would certainly avoid such a move,because the scenario would surely evaluates my upbringing, and more to my persona- lity.In my viewpoint, there are a lot of people who really does this kind of thing in front of anyone they are talking with,but are unaware of their deeds are such a mess.The best reason I have heard from a doer, that he feels at ease at the incidence,that his sinus was a little better.I felt sorry for the person,but how about those who just like to be spotted by. Some other views that would enlightened our inquiries? Do you dare?
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@bianx21 (339)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
Picking the nose in front of another person, I believe, is a rude and disgusting to do...It makes the other person feel that the doer is unhygienic and very unethical...That's just my point of view...If ever that happens to me (the feeling of needing to pick my nose) I would most probably go to somewhere private, like a comfort room, to pick my nose...and I'd do it with a tissue paper,not just my bare hands!
• Philippines
28 Jan 08
Dear Friend, You are right there because the act itself denotes no minding of its existence in the open world.