Silent words from me to you ( parents & children)

January 23, 2008 3:24am CST
Its quite natural that all parents dream is to see their child become one of the celebrities like great personalities, , many children also attribute their success to their love & motivation of their parents, There is a saying which goes on like this , " A FATHER GETS REAL ENTHRALMENT NOT WHEN THE CHILD IS BORN, BUT ONLY WHEN HE ATTAINS A PLACE OF PRIDE" but besides all these are few factors which influence a child all round mental & physical development. i feel that one should unarguably agree with the fact that parents have a definite role to play in the childs mental & physical development. now a days parents have become very very busy with their own works & world that they arent able to apend a little time with their child, some parents are so busy with their work the whole day that they prefer to spend their evening with newspaper or getting glued with TV out of all these things parents should spend atleast some time out of their shedule by showing genuine interest on their childs activities, more & more attention must be given when the child is growing & is in his /her higher classes, some parents think that their child is grown in their adolesence, & feel that they will know everything & no need of the parents guidence, & assume that the child is mentally grown up. , some parents spend their time with their kids that they seldom fail to recognise & catch up with their feelings , plans, & their dreams, , parents feel that the child should do what the parents feel is good, , some times parents force the child to do what they desire, not what the child desire, they sometimes forget to analyse whether that child has the capacity or is capable of certain things, when it not up to their mark or desire... besides everything an adolosent must be treated as a friend, what the child here needs is the guidence not punishment, once the child is punished in front of others, the child will feel insulted & fail to do what the parents desires, Words are powerfull than beating, words can either stretch or even shrink in the relationship & attachment with their parents,. childrens now a days can easily sence the parents acceptance & also affirmation towards the child, atleast 30 times a day,he /she analyse how much thier parents love them, how much are they important to them, how much do they appreciate them, how much do they mock them, & naturally the childs behaviour changes towards their parents, Constant guidence & attention on a child 's developments & planning can do wonders, but naturally parents tend to force the child in their accadamics alone, they judge their childs worth as human being only by their marks the child score in their examinatioin but seldon fail to understand that all the children are not extraordinarly intelligent, each child is good & very good in certain aspects , so the parents must identify their childs potentiality, & help them to attain their success by boostine their confidence. Do not labble your child, parents must fashion their child , HELP THE CHILD HELP THEM SELFS" A good parent is one who is a friend who gives his hand when the child is in nedd, a smile when the child is sad, A lift when the child are weary A song when they are glad A help when they flatter A hope for their dreams so be a friend, coz you will never get a friend of trust than a parent....
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@danzer (2731)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
You have a great point. My parents are in contrast. My mother talks much while my father talks few words. But I learned from them. Now, as a parent, I just pray that God will give me wisdom to deal with my kids!!