Do you believe devil exists in this world????????

@subathra (3519)
January 23, 2008 10:24am CST
Even European countries make us believe through their movies there is devil in the world. That means after the death of a person his spirit is in the house moving about and sometimes gets into another body and makes trouble. After the death of a person why his soul becomes violent and gets into a body making a living being get upset. To me this is a humbug story. If anyone give meaningful examples to believe there is devil I think I should re think my thoughts of disbelief. Is there anyone to help me?
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@kritipen (4082)
• United States
23 Jan 08
I dont think a devil exists atleast like the ones they show in movies. God or devil everything is in our hearts and minds.
@Madhavee (186)
• India
23 Jan 08
There is no god and there is no devil. It is the fear in you that makes you believe in devil and god. As long as your mind is clear and strong willed one need not worry about these. Love everybody and you love yourself.