lucky fin

January 23, 2008 10:43am CST
in finding nemo nemo has a "lucky fin" which i can only think would not be lucky at all if he was a real fish surely he could not survive with that little fin or atleast all he would be able to do is swim around in circles what do you think?
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@Galena (9120)
29 Jan 08
animals are very adaptable. it may not be the best situation for any animal to have a physical weakness, but they can adjust amazingly well. life will always be harder, but they cope as best they can. interestingly, I was once allowed to stroke two little bats at a wildlife centre. each of these bats had only one wing, following an amputation. while they could not be re-released into the wild, they could still fly around fairly capably indoors. with one wing. they wouldn't be able to catch flying insects with enough accuracy to be released, but they could still fly. it was amazing.
29 Jan 08
that really is incredible and you know for a second i thought you was going to say they tied them together so they had two wings but i really dont know which is more unbelievable i really didnt think anything could fly with one wing thanks
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23 Jan 08
LOL I think that it is just tv they can make anything happen in anyway that they want. Almost everything now a days on tv is fake crap that no one knows is fake.
23 Jan 08
i know that a cartoon is a fantasy thing and anything can happen but it doesnt stop me questioning it one day there will be a cartoon that i cant find anything unbelievable in and i will hate every second of it, just my nature to complain