Why does my cat think he's an opera singer???

January 23, 2008 8:10pm CST
Does anyone else find black cats to be extremely vocal or is it just my noisy little bundle of fluff? I'm not talking the occasional miaow when I enter the room but full on "miaow miaow miaow" till you stroke him. The vets have checked him over and he's in great health, he's just soooo noisy! He never shuts up!
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@lightningd (1041)
• United States
24 Jan 08
I don't think a cat's color has much to do with their talkativeness. I have noticed that tomcats are more vocal than neutered males. I have also noticed that some breeds are more vocal. Siamese cats seem to be very opinionated and vocal. Both male and female. Is your cat neutered? If so, how old was he when it was done? If they are older when you have it done, they remain very vocal in my opinion. We have a cat here named Thomas. We inherited him when we bought this farm. He was the Tom cat in residence. Fathering babies with his daughters and granddaughters. Not anymore. I had him fixed a few years ago to stop the cycle, but he's still real vocal, but I estimate he was probably 4 when he was neutered. He's a chunk, weighing nearly 20 pounds. He lives in the garage and barn, so we don't have to listen to him much.
24 Jan 08
He was quite young when he was done, I can't remember his exact age at the time. (He's nearly 8 now and we watched him being born under my bed!) He also miaows in a strange way, it really does sound like he's talking sometimes. I'm sure i've heard him say hello!! And he's quite happy to chat if you miaow back at him.
• United States
24 Jan 08
Well, maybe he has some siamese in him. There are a few other breeds that are just talkers. I notice the males are more talkative though. I bet it's hilarious to hear. Our one house cat will come in and "talk" to us on occasion. But usually only when his food bowl is empty and it's time to eat, or when the water bowl is empty. He sounds like a character!!
@HAYAM78 (44)
• Indonesia
25 Mar 08
do you have black cat? you should change your cat to white one about black cat that disturbing you, you must catch it and bring it to the opera singer school cat...
@Ceciliah (56)
• Canada
27 Jan 08
I have a grey and white cat like that. She meows when she want in, then 5 minutes later she wants out. (My bedroom) She meows when you walk past her or touch her with just the tip of your finger. I guess some cats are just more vocal then others. When we got her at the S.P.C.A. she was the quietest kitten then 5 minutes later after we left she started up. Now she is 11 and is still at it. But I know one thing I will miss that meow when the time comes. Sincerely, Ceciliah
• United States
25 Jan 08
If you have a short haired all black cat, it is likely to be closely related to Siamese cats, which are vocal naturally. One of mine enjoyed going into the two story bathroom and yodeling for all she was worth-just to hear herself sing! Also, cats you get as youngsters pick up from you what you expect. Those I have raised, no matter what color, are talkers. I also think it shows high intelligence, but that could just be me! I lost my Chocolate Snowshoe cat, Freya, last night, at 12 1/2 years old. She had been with me for 12 years, through good times and bad, and I shall miss her mightily. Koram Dancer
@ElicBxn (61189)
• United States
24 Jan 08
Scamp - my "Scardy Scamp"
MANY black cats are half Siamese. Siamese are REKNOWNED for their noisy nature. I'll bet your kitty has Siamese in him. My noisiest cat is a "black" Siamese. When I first got a cat she was half Siamese (her mom had papers, her dad was a traveling salesman) and she was pretty quiet. Even The Doctor, a lynx chocolate point, wasn't as noisy as Scamp.
@lexus54 (3575)
• Singapore
24 Jan 08
I have also experienced the same observation with several of the cats that I feed daily below my apartment. These cats are very close to me, as I spend time with them daily. Each time I approach them and they see me, they will start meowing in short spurts non-stop, until I have reached them and touch them. Then they will stop the meowing. I understand that when cats meow this way, they are trying to communicate with you, in telling you they are either hungry, they want attention or they are excited to see you. So when they get the attention (by you touching them), they will stop the meowing. Sometimes I get irritated by all the noise from their calls, because I try to keep silent when I am on my feeding rounds, but they give me away. I like it though that they respond positively to me and like to hang around me.
@michelyn (717)
• United States
24 Jan 08
I have a pure black kitten that's mother was a Maine Coone (mylot won't let me spell it correctly). Maine Coones (same here) are well known for their trilling sounds and this kitten is no exception. She has such a wide range of sounds and is very vocal. She trills, she meows, she growls and she mewls. My calico cat can be very vocal if you are mimicking her, but not very vocal otherwise.
@lilaclady (28225)
• Australia
24 Jan 08
Maybe he has the spirit of an old opera singer in him hahahaha my cat is very quiet but I remember a friends siamese cat that when you talked to him he would answer back just as if he was in a conversation with you, very funny cat.