What types of music do you listen to?!

United States
January 23, 2008 11:10pm CST
I'm one of those people when asked, "What kind of music do you listen to?" I say, "I listen to everything!" And actually, I really do listen to everything! I've asked people what kind of music they listen to, and many respond with the, "I listen to everything" statement, but then I'll ask if they listen to country and then they're like, "No!!" or I'll ask someone if they listen to rap when they say they listen to everything and they're like, "NO! I HATE RAP!" So, I don't really understand why people claim to listen to everything when there's many songs they would never listen to in a million years! I really do listen to everything! From The Eagles to Maxwell to Mars Volta to Blink 182 to Jewel to Bjork to Metallica to 50 Cent to Immortal Technique to Alicia Keys to 30 Seconds to Mars to Mozart to Bob Marley to Lauren Hill to My Chemical Romance to The Wreckers to Evanessence to Toby Keith to Brad Paisley to Michael Buble to Keith Urban to Journey to Tokyo Boys to Braddah Iz to Shakira to The Beatles to Daddy Yankee...plus many many many more! So if that's not everything then I don't know what is!! So...The question is...What do YOU listen to?
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• Nepal
24 Jan 08
Me too .I was into heavy metal in my high school days but now listen to anything from mainstream , catchy melodies,jazz,folk,country,fusion,bollywood,oriental,arabian,african beats,indian and western classical.I even like the amercian national anthem for that matter.Sounds crazy ! What does it matter.?
• United States
24 Jan 08
WTF is mainstream though?never heard of that b4. is it some kind of classical style music?Kinda like some elevator music?Seriously,i've never heard of it. i know that you probably thought that i was bashing it, but i wasn't.i honostly don't know what it is.and wasn't bashing it. HAIL SATAN!! SATANICWITCH