why do dogs sniff each other's backside?

January 24, 2008 12:05am CST
Is it true that a dog will know where did the other dog goes by just sniffing their backside (rear)? Whenever I bring my Spitz out for a walk and back, my other dog always sniff her backside. And same too when I brought the other dog out and leave the spitz in the house.
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18 Feb 08
I think they do that to know exactly the odour of each other to don't get confused.This way they 'll know which territory is tehirs and which not.
@asgtswife04 (2480)
• United States
24 Jan 08
I have heard that a dog does this to figure out whether or not it likes the other dog. kind of gross, but what ever. LOL! I guess they have to decide whether or not they need to be defending their territory or not. I could be totally wrong, lord knows i've been wrong before, but that is just how i see it. thanks for posting and God bless