why the director split matrix reloaded and revolutions,and not do one movie?

January 24, 2008 1:26am CST
they done this to make more money?
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@iDivision (1414)
• Latvia
24 Jan 08
you forgot about MONEY! 2 great movies makes more money than 1 :)
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• United States
24 Jan 08
it was written to be a trilogy, and besides, there was just way too much storyline to shove into one movie.
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@Mixed94 (12)
• Italy
24 Jan 08
Because, it was written to be a trilogy... maybe for the money too
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• Japan
26 Jan 08
so it was writen to be a trylogy i didn't know that,ok thanks all for your comments
@lucgeta (924)
• France
24 Jan 08
Probably money, a real trilogy would have been much better. Most of revolutions was a battle scene that had good special effects and not added anything in the story line and Reloaded some un-necessary talking and explanation as if we couldn't get it :P