some ideas why PayPal limits/freeze PT site accounts...

January 24, 2008 9:51am CST
please share your opinions about this article..from It seems like DailyClicks is not the only PT site having their account modified by PayPal. Recently PayPal has limited the account for several well known Paid To sites. However it seems like most PT sites that get their account modified get a limit for payout while some get the accounts frozen. Why some accounts get completley frozen we can only guess but we know PayPal is determined to try and stop fraudulent sites. Limiting an account is of course one way for PayPal to force an account owner to get verified and rumours say that they are also considering implementing huge fees for multiple transactions. This would be very profitable for PayPal and it would be devastating for the PT owner and last but not least for the members who click ads and read emails to earn some extra money. To freeze an account is a pretty drastic move and PayPal claim they wouldn't do it unless they have very good reasons to believe that there is fraudulent activities going on, but the reason for limiting other PT sites account is probably only greed and a business strategy to in´crease their own profits. Why DailyClicks chose to reset all the member accounts to zero is a mystery but it seems like the admins now have decided to try and restore them and give back the premium memberships to the members. If this is done propely we can of course remove DailyClicks from the Black List, provided the members get paid what they earned. We haven't heard the last on this matter, I'm sure, and perhaps the matter can be solved quickly by PayPal but we have heard from several PT site owners that they are now looking for an alternative service. Perhaps this mean good business for MoneyBookers and AlertPay who are taking over more and more of PayPal's angry customers? VISA has shown some interest in working with PT sites and handelling multiple transactions daily for a reasonable fee, but they are likely not going to offer this service to smaller PT sites as it probably woudn't be very good business for VISA. We know that and ClixMania, just to mention a few, are pretty fed up with PayPal's attempt to limit their accounts over and over again but these PT sites seem to be well prepared and able to handle payouts without letting the members suffer too much from these PayPal issues. We will return with more news on this matter as we get them.
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