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Iphone -  The Iphone
United States
January 24, 2008 5:01pm CST
You know what i like about cellphones is of course you can call family& friends text ur friends or if you don't have much friends you can sign up for aservice where you can text people and meet new friends in ur area etc.(its like a chat room) camara/video camara send pictures videos to family&friends and youtube, capture that special moment to last forever like birthdays, parties, pictures of boyfriend/girlfriend (not your ex's though..lol). The technology of a cellphone is really amazing like the internet you don't have to sit at your computer just to check email, like myspace, tagged, facebook, traffic on a blog, newsletters or check a bid frm ebay. some phones like the Virgin Mobile Slider (Phone i want at virginmobileusa.com) has an Mp3 player so you can jam,rock, hiphop, country, jazz, r&b lol.. anytime anywhere as long as you have your phone with you and fully charged lol.. Here is another cool phone the t- mobile sidekick 2 it has a camara, internet, sms, PDA, full keyboard, its like a tiny cool foldable laptop and when you close it up there's your last but not least phone. The Phone I have is a Pre-piad T- mobile T209 Samsung I don't like this phone all it's capable of is Sms,polyphonic ringtones and some dumb t zones. I know its so lame right i hate this phone you know in school the last day of the second semester the alarm came on during class i tried to turn the beast off it still came on i even took out the battery nothing worked untill i finally disabled the alarm, anyway its amazing how the technology and creation of cell phones is increasing like the iphone with the gps, faster internet,sms, cool camara, video camara,etc, i wonder whats next besides the Verizon juke.
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
28 Jan 08
I carry my mobile phone all the time but I must be honest I don't really know how to work all the extra features, when everI get a text message it always takes me so long to reply because I always mess it up that is how clever i am, so I really only have it for the incoming calls and having the knowledge I can call someone when I need to especially in an emergency. So I guess I am a dummy with the new technology...