Is it very hot where you live?

very hot during the summer - it gets very hot here in the philippines during the summer
January 24, 2008 7:25pm CST
It is close to summer time here in the Philippines and it gets very hot. I don't have time to wear jeans or long sleeve. I like to wear shorts just to give my legs some breathing and tube tobs - why not also to go swimming to wear bikini tops - bigger advantage since my skin is brown skin. and i got to have the electric fan on or have aircon in my area. what do you do there when it gets hot?
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• United States
25 Jan 08
You want to talk about heat in the Philippines? Yeah I was there during February of 2006 until September 2006 in the Bicol Region right in Ragay - the heat was just insane! I did rely on air conditioning and electrics and it felt good just to dip my head in cold water and shower in cold water. But then again it was hotter when I was in Laguna and couldn't sleep at night. It was just better just to sleep in my boxers, grabbing bottles of water and just splashing it, I felt like I was in a hot spa. So yeah where those shorts you got them cute legs do what you must - pretty brown skin walking on a hot day doesn't get any better than that.
@Ann2407 (305)
• China
25 Jan 08
now is winter in the area i live,it is about 6 degree,so cold. it is impossible for me to wear short sleeve now.haha..
@lightningMD (5931)
• United States
25 Jan 08
Right now it is 6 degrees where I live. It wont be hot here for months. When it is really hot out we run the air conditioner and the ceiling fans.