Cutting through the red tape to help others

United States
January 25, 2008 3:22am CST
I had an inspiration today. With all of the talk about healthcare soaring and so many millions being uninsured...and then I saw a special about cancer patients being uninsured (That sickened me). I also saw another special about how only 5-10% of charitable donations actually make it to the intended charity (That sickened me even more!), I thought to myself, "Why don't regular people do something about all of this?" I mean, for crying out loud, we talk about doing something and we certainly complain about "the system". So, I've decided to do a social experiment. I want to see how many are just talkers and how many are do-ers. So I started a group on yahoo to see what happens. Here's the link After looking it over, tell me if you think it will be a success or failure and why. Thank you!
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