life on planets mars

@bianx21 (339)
January 25, 2008 3:51am CST
I just came across a yahoo featured item and it really caught my attention...In the picture,a human form can be seen and it was said that that picture was taken from planet Mars...Could it really be possible? Are there really aliens?
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@david2005 (800)
• Canada
25 Feb 08
I have seen that picture too and it is hard to tell cause it could just be a rock though.
@humbleme (1004)
• India
26 Jan 08
Hello bianx21,Thanks for the discussion,yes I have seen it too,though Nasa has already given their statement and have denied , but anything and everything is possible in our universe.Thanks again.
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
26 Jan 08
It was just a rock. That was released yesterday and today. But yes, looked like a humanoid form (too bigfootish to me) and it was proven as just a rock, not a lifeform.
@agfarm (930)
• United States
25 Jan 08
I remember....I think it was National Geographic Magazine whom did a story on this Back in the late '90's. It was called ( I think ) the Face of Mars , or something like that. Anyhow.....They were questioning whether the Face of Mars was created by the same beings as who created the great pyramids. Very Fascinating stuff. And....I think it would be arrogant to believe there are no other lifeforms , other than ourselves in this vast Universe , and beyond. But...yes....we have known about the face of Mars for some time now. I think it was 1997 / 1998 when the story first came out.
@pitstop (9768)
• India
25 Jan 08
Its just a photo of an image that looks a little human - not anywhere can it be considered any evidence of life. My gut feeling is that only earth has life - lets see if I'm wrong!