Like it hate it and why?

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January 25, 2008 6:41am CST
Well I personnaly liked it :P.I liekd it so much because the computer haxing stuff reminded me of how much I want to know about computers before I get out of college :P.Also I want to have a cool set of monitors like that to :)
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28 Jan 08
I liked die hard 4 aswell, i know it did not have the violence and that it's a PG13 but it did have action, alot at that! I dont think it deserves as much critism as it gets from the die hard fans. Mind you they will get to see rambo very soon and i guess they will love it very much
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2 Feb 08
Yeah it had some cool effect like when they had the car enter the tunnels on each side and then turned the lights off it was so ominous lol.I was like WOW :P.And the car driving into helicopter trick was tight to :P.