what do the stars foretell??

@pree70 (525)
January 25, 2008 9:52am CST
It is said that 'astrology is the art of giving hope to the hopeless'. I don't know how far it is true, but to me it is a very confusing science, and i still don't know whether to believe it or not. The Hindu religion depends a lot on astrologers. Right from a child's birth the astrologer is in great demand as it is they who foretell the child's future. Weddings are also incomplete without their viewpoint, as the astrological charts of the would be bride and groom have to be perfectly matched by them. actually, i would say that astrology is a religion within itself in the hindu community. I personally used to have my own reservations about this science, which bordered on disbelief, as i personally know many marriages where the astrological charts had matched perfectly, but the less said about their relationship, the better. I also know of many other instances where astrology was totally sidelined and the marriage ended in a divorce. Some time back, i met an astrologer, who was a retired professor of a reputed engineering college. He had taken it up purely due to interest, and he explained to me that astrology is nothing but pure mathematical calculation. some unscruplous people interpret it in a wrong manner, leading to complications, but otherwise, it is a very accurate science. I was forced to accept his statement especially after several of his observations in my own life came true. what do you feel about the whole thing? is astrology a sham or an accurate science??
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@SViswan (12065)
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26 Jan 08
From my experience, that's exactly how I feel too. It is accurate if done by the right person. I've had so many different experiences that I stopped believing at a point....though my horoscope that was written at birth was very accurate and it even had the time that I would undergo an operation as a child (which we checked only after the operation when I was 3). I don't really let astrology rule my life...but sometimes check my horoscope just for the heck of it and then realize that so many things are true. So, it's not like I don't believe in astrology but I don't trust everyone who says they are astrologers....even a 75% accuracy is not enough to make me believe.
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@pree70 (525)
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27 Jan 08
i guess what you say is correct. just be wary of those unscruplous ones..