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@OUT2WIN (669)
United States
January 25, 2008 9:54am CST
I logged into which is one of the many newer paid to click sites and my balance and the amount of clicks i've done is gone. All thats left is the 10 cents for joining. Dailyclicks just did this a few days back and thankfully is going to be replacing everyone's balance at their first cash out. (This shouldn't have happened in the first place) At least they are giving an option for redemption and hopefully moonbux will also, but with all the new paid to clicks and the recent decline and complete drop off of icashout, you never know anymore. If you read the TOS on most sites, they really don't give you much of a chance to argue about anything that happens because you sign away that option when you click "Accept TOS" or something similar. What is really bad is that because one company decided to do this, It's going to leak into the paid to click world and infect many paid to click sites like a virus. "Daily clicks did it, why can't we?" I had hoped it would end with them, but as I already knew, it wouldn't and I'm sure now will soon spread to many sites with paypal problems. Paypal will not be doing business with anymore paid to sites and soon they all will be using alert pay and libery whats-a-mu-husit financial. Some paid to sites are still standing by with paypal and will soon get the harsh truth when they're payment's get locked and held for 180 days like many others who have mistakenly chosen paypal for a payment option. Warning to all....this is not a one time thing that happened with dailyclicks, it will happen with many other companies from hear on out and many will not ever pay back the money to their customers.
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@Superchan (165)
• Belgium
28 Jan 08
for all the dalay and account reset is the fault of pay pal. Some of those admin has no choice . If all there money on pay pal are freezed how can they pay peoples. So there are 3 option : 1 = close the site 2 = resett balance and start over 3 = use own money to pay members and keep fulling up the new refunds or a extra mine option = is higher up the balance so they have time to earn enough money to pay members.
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