Religion at schools?

January 25, 2008 2:54pm CST
Do you believe that different religions should be taught at schools in order for nations to understand each other?
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@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
25 Jan 08
In my opinion,no,this could lead to much greater intolerance,as most have already been brainwashed by their parents to understand,theirs is the only one that counts,and tell them in school that that idea is wrong and all religions are right,will get the parents into another war. let the kids find out on their own,which one they want or even if they want one. I had a Catholic mother,a Protistant Father,and studied Morman as a few others,and I was agnostic for more than 40 years,I am now Wiccan,and do beleive I have found the right one for me,and I still do not understand any others,so teaching is not going to help.
• Jordan
25 Jan 08
Thank you for your responce.
@VampAmber (308)
• United States
25 Jan 08
Yes, I believe that they should offer a class for students to take the teaches the religions. I took Comparative Studies: Religions in college, and I thought it was very interesting to learn about all these Eastern religions I had known absolutely nothing about beforehand. It might help with religious tolerance in the younger generation.
• Jordan
25 Jan 08
Thanks for your response and i believe your point is valid; Younger generation who now has the chance and equipment to communicate with each other need to understand where each come from; Culture, religion and so on. Thanks again.
• India
26 Jan 08
The Abrahamic Western religions like Christianity& Islam are from their time of inception very particular in establishing that only their Lord or Prophet is correct. They also insist that their interpretation of the basics is ultimately true. That was why so many subsects had to spring up in Christianity and Islam,for example.Roman Catholic, Syrian Christian, Jacobite, Marthomite, Latin..........Shiya, Sunni, Ahemmedia, Soofi, .....Sorry! I am not an expert in naming these divisions. Also beg your pardon if I wounded the feelings of some very serious sect-religious followers. Also don't be under the impression that I am a sectarian who is blind to the weaknesses of the section he belongs, though I don't consider myself belonging spiritually to the religion I belong historically ie. Hindu Religion. Yet I think that religion is a or has to be, a social moral force. All religions have played some positive role in the lifes of man some time or other. Thus though I am not for including any particular religion to be taught in schools, a Global Spirituality should be developed to be introduced properly in school curriculam. Beyond that the role of a particular religions is becoming more and more irrelevent practically though it is a truth that will give a lot of pain to staunch sectarian followers of many a religious sections.