Who is going to beat Uchiha Madara

January 25, 2008 3:22pm CST
mmm now that everybody knows that Uchiha Madara is the leader from akatsuki Theres no more jiraiya i think Sasuke its messed with itachi Naruto is going after Pein xD Sakura mmm he is not strong as Uchiha Madara TSUNADE?? xD or or Orochimaru in the body of Kabuto?? maybe the first hokage :P i dunno what do you think?? xD
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@SHIFTY13 (97)
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
Naruto bec. he is the lead character.
@Darusman (21)
• Indonesia
29 Jan 08
Uchiha madara is the strongest ninja in the uchiha clan. He can controlled kyubi like his own pet. maybe he will beaten by itachi coz itach said that madara got weaker so he will kill madara soon after he obtained sasuke eyes.
@Foukus (37)
• Lithuania
28 Jan 08
Some interesting relation is being seen here... Madara, the strongest ninja, yet I thought of him like this, but was actually beaten by the First Hokage... And the Jamato - the student of the First Hokage... So maybe he would be the one! 0_o
• United States
25 Jan 08
i do heard of that name once, uchiha madara, but haven't seen him. red eye is the only thing that i've seen for the leader of akatsuki. is Uchiha madara really the leader of akatsuki and does it mean that he also uses sharingan like sasuke and itachi. On more thing, is he also a kyuubi?