The Decider Is Really the Deceiver!!

@anniepa (27700)
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January 26, 2008 12:13am CST
A new study shows the Bush Administration told a whopping total of 935 untruths leading up to the war in Iraq in 2002! 935??? We’ve all heard some of the most well-known ones – the aluminum tubes, the yellow cake, the photo said to have been taken in Iraq that was really taken in Arizona, which was in the U.S the last time I looked but 935? I guess they weren’t taking any chances were they? Sooner or later they figured they’d have to come up with something enough people would believe to get the war they were so determined to start. That’s quite a few lies, but it still isn’t as large as the number of our troops who have lost their lives based on those lies! Any thoughts? Or is a lie not a lie if it’s told by a member of this Administration? Annie
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@Adoniah (7515)
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27 Jan 08
I think the best one yet is the bill that is in the prosess of being passed if it hasn't already passed that lets everybody off the hook for treason. Yeah, Bush quietly slipped it into another bill that was sure to pass. It says that bush and all his cohorts in crime cannot be tried for treason for anything that they have done in the Gulf or at Guantanamo. That is the slickest piece of legislation any president has ever passed yet. Too bad tricky D!ck didn't think of that one. Bush is the Most ARROGANT man I think ever. He tops Napoleon. 935 huh. Not bad. And they said old Bill C. lied. What a joke! And Bush cannot even be prosecuted now. Shalom~Adoniah
@Adoniah (7515)
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29 Jan 08
Bush #1 dropped the ball when he was in Iraq the first time. When he backed off I don't know if he was a coward or what, but he should have taken care of the problem then and there. We started the whole mess ourselves. We put Saddam in power. We put the Sha in power. We helped create Iraq in the first place. That didn't wasn't even a country at one time. It is a "created "country. And they say Israel has no right to exist. Shoot at least Israel has an ancient history. Iraq doesn't have any history at all. We should just ring our troops around the perimeter, let the women and children out, and then let the rest of them fight it out and get it out of their system. When their done, then let them sit down and work it out at the conference table.
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1 Feb 08
I read in the Rolling Stone magazine the other day about national security and they had a list of people and acts that were against that national security. One of these was how Bush approved $123 million in precision-guided bomb technology to Saudi Arabia. Another was about how Mike Huckabee wants to "amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards."
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@Stiletto (4582)
26 Jan 08
You know, what disturbs me most about this whole thing is that most of us shrug and accept it. It's like "well, politicians lie". I guess they do, but I think when the consequences of those lies cost so many lives it's just not acceptable. I'm not just talking about the Bush administration, I'm British so my finger points firmly at Blair for his complicity in the lies that were told. He says now that he believed the information to be correct at the time. I don't believe him now anymore than I did when he stood in Parliament and lied his head off in order to convince people that we really should be supporting the US because we were in danger. If I had lost someone I loved in Iraq I would want the liars to be held to account for all this. Sadly it's not going to happen.
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