Real Life Mary Sues

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January 26, 2008 6:52am CST
We all know of those perfect characters who dominate the fanfiction universe. The ones who are great at everything and are extremely annoying. I have encountered two real life Sues in High School. They were called the Wallace twins. They got good grades, always got parts in plays, sang (really good) for no reason, and wore matching outfits. Have you ever encountered a real life Sue? I'd love to hear about it.
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@kat_lane (166)
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11 Jun 09
I actually don't know any Sues in rl. But you know in real works of fiction (Not the fan stuff) I can list tons. Hermione/Ginny/Molly to just start. But you know in everything a Mary Sue comes in. I met a couple of the Mary Janes. (You know the ones that are the opposite. Bad at everything the Sue should be good at, meek, less attractive, etc.) I've met at least four different girls that meant that. I sometimes just laugh because they aren't actually combined with a real Sue. They have Mary almostSues, they are just a little off. Like they aren't perfect at everything. But they're almost to that realm. They are super annoying in rl.
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