Are the Indian parents watchful over their kids?

@subathra (3519)
January 26, 2008 9:33am CST
I am asked to answer this question I will without hesitation say, no. Because to raise the life standard both mother and father go to work. In case the children grown up and study in schools they need proper guidance towards their studies and their personal activities. What happens here is that both parents return late in the evening and they have less time to see their children’s activities. In case if the children have good friendship it is good for them and they will not concentrate their mind on unnecessary activities. Just imagine a14 year girl studying in 9th standard feel in love with a 20 year boy eloped and get married and lives in an unknown place for a few days. The parents seek police help to trace their daughter. They are now arrested. What is going to happen to this girl if they are separated by law? This particular girl had not given her parents slightest sign that she was misbehaving. Another blunder is that the elders are not living with parents so no one available at home to see their kids. Although both parents can make happy home but they cant bring their children in a manner that they will be good citizen of this country.
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
17 Feb 08
See this is a circular problem.To raise a child nowadays you require a lot of money like for good education.So both have to work.Also the women is educated she wants to work as well.& then this problem of time being not given.Yes joint family is good thing.It is better for the child.But can you provide a solution?
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
29 Jan 08
Dear Suba this is realy bad sign, but do u think its only parents what about social responsibility? where is character building by schools? what media and films are promoting?? Every thing needs to be take care or accept the change in Values and Culture Take care
@aissha (2036)
• India
28 Jan 08
u r right we are moving towards very bad future ,todays indian parents are so much self absorbed that they don't know what it is being a child and a 14 yr old was a child for immaturity the boy showed he is also a child ,they needed love which they were getting from each other when they should hv got from parents siblings. it is a very very sad situation.
@arkansos (546)
• India
27 Jan 08
they i feel are too watchful for their own good. All the time, they try to interfere with their child's life. That I'd say goes for most indian parents in suburb and even urban areas
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
26 Jan 08
Hello,subathra!you have rightly chosen a topic for discussion.for financial reasons most of the ladies opt for service,and they are supported by their a sense they may be good husbands or good wives, but when question of rearing of the children comes, i must say they are not good parents because they remain mostly away from their children and they have no time to look after the children.they are left with some body's care.if some elderly people,say grand father or grand mother,are available situation is something different and if not it sure that the children may go wayward as you say.of course,in other cases, i mean if the mother stays at home and does not take adequate care of the children such incidents are not ruled is therefore the primary responsibility of the parents to look after the children properly so that they may not go wayward.such type of disturbances are mostly uncommon in a joint it is my earnest request to all that let us go back to the old days where father fathers,mothers,sons,daughter in laws grand sons and grand daughters were living together happily for the better future of the children.thank you.have a nice day.