Easy to forgive.... Hard to forget...

January 26, 2008 10:19pm CST
I think most of relationships have their ups and downs... they are is no such thing as a perfect one... The story goes like the girl loves the guy so much... She feels the same also... that the guy loves him so much... until one day she discovers that the guy is going out with somebody also... but then the guy apologizes and said nothing is going on between them... she forgives... then the guy still does what he's doing (going out with somebody) the girl again learn about this thing... still the guy ask for forgiveness and he said that he loves her so much and dont want to lose her... its easy to forgive you know... but you cant bring back the trust once its broken... its not that easy... its a process, a very long process... it really is very hard to forget... isn't it?
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• China
28 Jan 08
yeah,i agree that trust once broken, will never return.i remember a story i've heard when young.a sheepboy lie to the hunters,streaming that there's a wolf attacking the sheep.the hunters are angry to find that it's just a trick.however ,the third time the hunters hear him,they regard it as a trick too.unfortunately,all sheep were killed then.so he paid great expense to lie.
@slavezero (835)
• Philippines
27 Jan 08
Yes I agree with you. Forgiving is easy but forgetting... I doubt it. Its really hard to forgive esp if you love that person very much. Its because you are afraid that you will get hurt by the same reason again. If he/ she did it once... then he/she could do it twice. I believe that the best thing that you can do is to forgive but be more careful next time. You must move on and learn to give a chance but know the limits that you must give.