....do you have a perfect world...?!.....

...fair or unfair...?! - world
@hanreq (1444)
January 27, 2008 12:15am CST
....uhmmp.,all you want,you can do..?!....do you satisfied to your life...?!...tell me something about your world.....:)
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@kwenge (2487)
• Kenya
28 Jan 08
Right now, I am satisfied with my life! I have all I ever dreamt of, I have the man of my dreams, the man who respects me, treats me like a queen and gives me all I want. Though we are not rich yet, we are on our way there! We are rich in Love and above all love comes first then other things follow. I thank God for that. Life is soo sweet!
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
28 Jan 08
Well is there concept of perfection is there i dont think there is concept of Perfect world or perfect person evil and good both exist in world, its matter how u tackle them and what dominates U well here, we have good and bad thing in my part of world but i am happy and thankful to Allah Take care
@katkah (235)
• United States
27 Jan 08
My world rocks! I have an awesome family. Me & my 5 kids, and my man & his 2 kids all living together in one crazy house of love....lol Improvements to be made would include: a bigger house, my man coming home from his military training, and a little more income - a house of 9 can get a smidge spendy...lol But all in all, I pretty much have everything I ever dreamed of, so I'm cool with it.