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January 27, 2008 11:37am CST
love this movie. will smith is a good actor. my question is do you think there is some one out there who actually does help hook people up. i mean in the movie hitch hooked up serveral couples and they were a success. his whole operation was going good until the beens were spilled in the paper. would you be mad if your mate went to some one to get help to talk to you? would you go to some one for help to talk to some one? i mean there is a doctor for every thing else. do you believe this could be a promising profession? im just going to throw this out there. do you think the insurance companys would pay for this kind of service? to answer my own question i do not think they would, but i thought i would just through it out there.
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
27 Jan 08
As for your question about Will Smith being a good actor, my answer would be yes i think he is a very good actor, and i like his movies..Now about the other question about a place that hooks people up..The only place that i know of that matches people up is " take your profile , ask you all kinds of personal questions about your likes and dislikes..They take this profile of your and put it into a huge data base,and they are supposs to find you a partner that goes with your personality..As far as being covered by insurance,No it is not...I would not doubt thatone day they may have a service like this but AT THIS TIME I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY...The way i understand it is this e-harmony is free to women but the men who join have to pay..You have to be completely single in order to join this site.
@jezzmay (1845)
• United States
27 Jan 08
They have all these dating sites.Doctor Phil teachers you how to get along with your spouse.So,I guess their are people out there to help you out.If you want to look for them and use them.