Which Big Cat Is the Best and Why?

January 27, 2008 12:21pm CST
Which big cat is the king or queen of the jungle and why? Is it the Tiger, Lion, Leaopard or Cheetah? What is your favourite big cat and why do you like them in particular?
2 responses
@YamiKiba (938)
• United States
27 Jan 08
I personally like them all. Haha. I like them because I like cats in general and they are just. . .larger more dangerous versions of them. (lol humans are the most destructive creatures on this planet though. Everyone knows that.) Their cubs are soooo adorable. ^3^
@maximax8 (30532)
• United Kingdom
27 Jan 08
I love all the big cats. They are large and powerful. I have been to Kenya and seen lions eating in a clearing in the long grass. I saw a leopard asleep up a tree. However I wasn't lucky enough to see a cheetah. I went to Belize and whilst I was walking along a track near some Mayan ruins I heard the call of a jaguar. I like lions because the male has an attractive main and tail. The lioness has a slim body and fast moving legs. Lion cubs are very cute looking indeed. Leopard have amazing looking marking on their fur. I have heard that cheetahs are amazingly fast. I have heard that jaguars are shy maybe that is why I didn't see one.