your child is a smoker.. whats your preference!?

Halifax, Nova Scotia
January 27, 2008 7:46pm CST
ok so first off let me say that as a parent i dont want my children smoking anything good or bad.. i give my family a smoke free enviroment in our house (i smoke outside) etc.. i teach my kids even at their young age (oldest being 4) that smoking is bad.. but heres my question.. if your child took up smoking.. would you rather it be tobacco or would you rather it be marijuana.. THIS IS A WHAT IF SITUATION!! please dont repsond with 'i dont want my kids to smoke either' clearly any loving parent would say that.. this is a what if situation where as IF your child was smoking and it was either tobacco or marijuana which would you prefer your child to pick..
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• United States
6 Feb 08
i probably would change my mind with the change of the law. Just trying to keep my child out of trouble. So if marajuana became legal then I would say go for it i guess. Some people in my family smoke and im sure you know who i mean. But anyway if the laws changed then I guess my mind would change also.
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• Halifax, Nova Scotia
7 Feb 08
so assuming both were legal and one had to be chosen which would you rather? :)