Piece of Garbage relationship entry (non controllable men)

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January 27, 2008 10:37pm CST
Its like I have a talent of finding some clown article writers, even though I do agree with some of what’s said. THIS time its way different. I found the most asinine of articles ever. I’m not impressed and I’m completely disgusted. So I can almost assume a lot of mylot members will cheer this person on. Go ahead -_- And yes I’m in a ranting mood. Heck a fighting mood is more like it. Strange since it was another fun weekend, but after encountering this the life and fun got sucked out of me. Anyways lets just get right to it. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/opinion/points/stories/DN-hymowitz_27edi.ART0.State.Edition1.378ca5b.html [[That’s the writing.]] Next is my reactions. Kay Hymowitz: The child-man [[”Today's single young men hang out in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood”]] The funny thing is your article doesn’t even MENTION hormones after this sentence. Its just about societal and life choices that men take, many of them not even remotely bad, and none of your business. [[”It's 1965, and you're a 26-year-old white guy. You have a factory job, or maybe you work for an insurance broker. Either way, you're married, probably have been for a few years now; you met your wife in high school, where she was in your sister's class. You've already got one kid, with another on the way. For now, you're renting an apartment in your parents' two-family house, but you're saving up for a three-bedroom ranch house in the next town. Yup, you're an adult! Now meet the 21st-century you, also 26. You've finished college and work in a cubicle in a large Chicago financial-services firm. You live in an apartment with a few single guy friends. In your spare time, you play basketball with your buddies, download the latest indie songs from iTunes, have some fun with the Xbox 360, take a leisurely shower, massage some product into your hair and face – and then it's off to bars and parties, where you meet, and often bed, girls of widely varied hues and sizes. Wife? Kids? House? Are you kidding?”]] Nothing wrong with any of that. People have their leisure, hobbies and interests. Of course if anyone was to mention the comparison of 1965 women and today’s women there’d be hell to play. Ah well. Lets try it. 1965 women, supportive of husband and caring for the family. An adult. 21st century women, independent, strong, not needing marriage; leisure by shopping, watching worthless soaps and feelgood shows, and clubbing, finding the hottest guy while shooting down anything 8 or less for sick mental pleasure. Yep you aren’t an adult. [[”Not so long ago, the average mid-twentysomething had achieved most of adulthood's milestones – high school degree, financial independence, marriage and children. These days, he lingers – happily – in a new hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance. Decades in unfolding, this limbo may not seem like news to many, but in fact it is to the early 21st century what adolescence was to the early 20th: a momentous sociological development of profound economic and cultural import. “]] And this is wrong because...? So if the whole set isn’t complete they aren’t a man. Yet in order to be a man, the man has to match a whole laundry list of women’s demands and THAT is under IDEAL conditions. If a man has only half of these supposedly he’s nothing to you and several other women. Whatever. Plenty of guys with college degrees(not just high school -_-), financial independence, promising futures... but because they aren’t getting married and having kids they aren’t men. Pathetic!! [[”It's time to state what is now obvious to legions of frustrated young women: The limbo doesn't bring out the best in young men. “]] Hah! What about the ‘best’ of young women. I could have a field day on that one. If women are so frustrated at dating and marriage prospects maybe rejection and playing so many stupid games with men should be looked at. There’s also more to this but lets keep going. [[”With women, you could argue that adulthood is in fact emergent. Single women in their 20s and early 30s are joining an international New Girl Order, hyper-achieving in both school and an increasingly female-friendly workplace, while packing leisure hours with shopping, traveling and dining with friends. Single young males, or SYMs, by contrast, often seem to hang out in a playground of drinking, hooking up, playing Halo 3 and, in many cases, underachieving. With them, adulthood looks as though it's receding. “]] Ah, so you are an adult based on the things you own? Whatever. By the way, a lot of the things the women are doing sound like the same things high schoolers do. Especially the hanging out with friends (nice not to mention ‘clubbing’ on this end, and great not mentioning women go out drinking and hooking up too. Great omissions Kay -_-). Some could say this too is adolescent behavior. And great cheap shots saying adulthood is receding on the male end. Plenty of guys are much more hard working and diverse than you think, in lots of careers or even with their own businesses. Some with varying interests, VAST interests, but you and many other women don’t see it or care. [[”Freud famously asked: "What do women want?" Notice that he didn't ask what men wanted – perhaps he thought he'd figured that one out. But that's a question that ad people, media execs and cultural entrepreneurs have pondered a lot in recent years. They're particularly interested in single young men, for two reasons: There are a lot more of them than before, and they tend to have some extra change.”]] Here’s the fun part. A lot of dating, relationship and marriage talk always defaults to what women want. There’s never any consideration of what men want or what drives them (oh well, there is but it’s a bunch of nonsense in fun little one-liners that women say just to make themselves feel bigger. “he only wants one thing”, etc) [[”Consider: In 1970, 69 percent of 25-year-old and 85 percent of 30-year-old white men were married; in 2000, only 33 percent and 58 percent were, respectively. And the percentage of young guys tying the knot is declining as you read this. Census Bureau data show that the median age of marriage among men rose from 26.8 in 2000 to 27.5 in 2006 – a dramatic demographic shift for such a short time period. “]] Doesn’t seem dramatic to me. Notable yes, dramatic no. It’s a .9 shift in number, not that much real difference in when people are getting married overall. Looks like making a mountain out of an anthill. Also note there is no reasonable and meaningful mention of WHY this is happening. Just “oh they act like teens and college students”, whatever. Got anything else? [[”That adds up to tens of millions more young men blissfully free of mortgages, wives and child-care bills. Historically, marketers have found this group an "elusive audience" – the phrase is permanently affixed to "men between 18 and 34" in adspeak – largely immune to the pleasures of magazines and television, as well as to shopping expeditions for the products advertised there. “]] Awww... are you and the rest of the clowns sad or angry because the brainwashing doesn’t work on us? Or worse that other men are starting to see the real garbage of relationships? Great using the marketing item as a smokescreen too, I mean the real reason for this article is to prod on the single male but more for the single female and not for marketing (especially since ads themselves seem to underscore a lack of concern for males and what they think) [[”What really set Maxim apart from other men's mags was its voice. It was the sound of guys hanging around the Animal House living room. Maxim asked the SYM what he wanted and learned that he didn't want to grow up. And now the Maxim child-man voice has gone mainstream. You're that 26-year-old who wants sophomoric fun and macho action? Now the culture has a groaning table of entertainment with your name on it. “]] Men do grow up and once again interests shouldn’t be the only base of it. Also no one really explained why “macho” is somehow adolescent? I just see a lot of shaming in all of this. Also look at the dating scene, dating ads and other facets of society in regards to “macho”, its what a lot of women want. Yet another contradiction among thousands but don’t let this stop you of course -_-. [[”That sound you hear is women not laughing. Oh, some women get a kick out of child-men and their frat/fart jokes. But for many, the child-man is either an irritating mystery or a source of heartbreak. In contemporary female writing and conversation, the words "immature" and "men" seem united in perpetuity.”]] Just like the child-woman (plenty of them out there) are a source of heartbreak, betrayal, lying, false accusations, divorce, 18-23 year slavery by government. Oh and THAT sound you hear is men suffering, or maybe the dead silence because plenty of guys have been defeated and are just soulless remnants of what they use to be because of the “game”. Another point. When it comes to interests and hobbies, men are told to embrace, accept and involve in hers. But when it comes to his, she’s free to not get involved or make him drop the whole thing. [[”Naturally, women wonder: How did this perverse creature come to be? The most prevalent theory comes from feminist-influenced academics and cultural critics, who view dude media as symptoms of backlash, a masculinity crisis. Men feel threatened by female empowerment, these thinkers argue, and in their anxiety, they cling to outdated roles. “]] Okay let me tell you how it REALLY works. This came about because we’ve been seeing more divorce, more perpetual slavery via divorce, more cheating, more betrayal, more false accusations, more anti-male crap from society. Men don’t want any of this. To be continued...
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29 Jan 08
Progamer, Once again you've "Hit the nail on the head" .It isn't only the 18 to 34 year old males that sense this societal change in woman and relationships either. The entire court system is involved as well.Ask any divorced dad what chance he stood at the Hearing.Hah!
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16 Feb 08
An update: Apparently Hymnowitz got quite a backlash from this(I've seen several forums and blog comments extending with hundreds of postings) and will write a better piece. Yours truly won't be holding his breath...