@shan20us (272)
January 28, 2008 8:20am CST
Hi all friends after a long break, how r u all i just want to know from urself that why Islam and muslims are spreading so fast in the world...? what u think that what is the reason behind that
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• Philippines
28 Jan 08
religion is actually good, may it be islam, christianity, buddism etc... just as long as they preach goodness its ok. For me religion is vehicle of God in teaching his people. LIke food religion goes with your preference, your lifestyle... like food. So if Islam is growing fast... its good... Praise be to Allah! as the Muslims said! JUst as long as the preachers teach what is Islam and not the bad things that cause rebellion and war...
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@julyteen (13252)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Feb 08
there is no something wrong with religion as long they live it on what they believe and making bad to others...i treat people in a nice way regardless of their religion...we must respect each one another...why is it that peace is until now is still a vision could no longer turn into is because we do not respect each other...start making peace in yourself so we can spread the world peace.