Woman Arrested For Trying To Hire Hitman Through Craigslist

United States
January 28, 2008 5:05pm CST
Ann Marie Linscott from Sacramento, CA used Craigslist to find a hitman. She posted a vaguely worded ad looking for a freelancer and when people responded, 48-year-old Linscott told them what she wanted. She wanted those who inquired to kill the the 56-year-old wife of her male lover. She said she was looking for "silent assassins." She promised $5,000 once the job was completed and provided the name and address of the victim. She told people that she wanted them to kill her. Three people immediately went to the police and Linscott was arrested. She was charged with three counts relating to murder for hire and using interstate commerce to commit a felony. The victim was told by police to leave the country just in case someone took Ann Marie Linscott's offer.
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