How to warm my body when it is cold ?

January 29, 2008 12:06am CST
I really need your help ! Whenever it is cold , my whole body won't be warm ! Ecpecially my hands and my feet , always feel cold ! I want warmth ! I even cannot sleep at night ! I am a girl ! i heard sb said girl has this is normal ! Why ? It's ture? Now , it's winter at my country , i am very cold no matter how many i have weared ! Do anyone has the same problem ? Pls help me , i am tried . Because this has happened every winter ! 55555555555555
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• United States
29 Jan 08
if i was you i would get flannel sheets top and bottome and a big comforter..mine is huge and flannel too but if this is not enough wear socks and sweats sweatshirt and even a stocking cap as the heat goes out the head first..maybe a portable heater in the bedroom but not coal oil as this is dangerous and smells bad..but an electric one that is not wont burn you or your pets or any children as it only heats up the air... i crank up the heat and pay an obscene heat bill..200 bucks in natural gas but if i was that much hating the cold..i would move to the Philippines as it never gets cold there...even in our winter as I live in Michigan...even my wife who is from there is not liking the heat anymore..too much heat..but i don't like the extreme cold either...good luck from Michigan..home of Miss America