My 5-mo old baby is Lactose Allergic

@chrysz (1603)
January 29, 2008 3:14pm CST
When my 5 month old baby was barely 3 weeks old, she developed rashes that started from her extemeties (both hads and legs) that I thought her booties and mittens are not just sundried but the rashes continue to appear for the next three days so I have to get her to her pedia. I was breastfeeding her and bottlefeeding her at the same time so that my husband won't have to wake me up to feed my baby every now and then since I was operated (CS) and still with high BP. Her milk then was S-26 gold. THhe pedia said that since her soap was lactacyd, no oil, power, lotion or cologne applied to her, it could be her milk. So she prescribed NAN Hypoallergenic 1. The rashes disappeared at once after just a few hourse of having her first bottle of NAN HA. My problem is there are times when I cannot find NAN HA in our area.I haven't asked the pedia yet if I can just soya milk for infant in cases that there is no NAN availble. Are there mothers/fathers here who experience the same as I have?Thanks for sharing....
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29 Jan 08
If I were in your position and were asking for help I would talk to a vegetarian (or vegan) family who have probably had experience raising infants off of non-dairy products. The best help would probably come from a vegan seeing as how their diet is more strict than a normal lacto-ovo vegetarian like myself. If your thinking of giving something like soya milk try asking a nutritionist for advice, because I dont know what kind of fats come in soya.
@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
30 Jan 08
Thanks for your response, I'll just try to discuss with this with her pedia since there are only a few vegetarians that I know here in the Philippines.