Saving Money is a good Habit

January 30, 2008 12:42am CST
People seems spent more money. Saving them is no longer an important part of financial management. There is so much fruad about money in the bank, or even buying stocks are no longer safe. Hard earned money are lost - trust to financial institution has become a failure. Imagine the economy of the world is facing today. All the hard earned money and savings are lost in mismanage. There is a crisis we face today like global warming. The solution is the government are printing more money but the citizens do not know how to put the money for a secure future. ???
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@Foukus (37)
• Lithuania
30 Jan 08
It's very difficult political and cultutral problems. Saving money has become a part of conservative thinking, while our globe, the society is rapidly changing, the $ isn't stable and in some countries is getting lower and lower every day... But is printing more money a solution? The prises will rise at that moment, but money won't have a higher value anyway... The solution have to come from above, but the people have to wake up and start being conserned! And at that rate some changes can be done
• Philippines
31 Jan 08
I hope will have a clear and better idea - what to do with our hard earned money. Financial institutions do not deliver the trust and confidents - depositors and invetors put in their hands.