Election of government officials in your country

January 30, 2008 3:26am CST
Election in the USA will be this year. This leads me to asking, how is election of government officials conducted in your country. Our next national election will be this 2010,where we choose the next President of the Philippines,senators and mayors. It is so sad though the computerization is not sure. Filipino citizens 18 years old and above are eligible to vote for the national elections (15 years old for the baranggay elections)as long as he is registered with the Commission of Elections and his name appears in the final list of voters. During the election day, a voter has to go to his assigned precinct. He has to present his proof of identity, he will be given his ballot where he writes the names of the candidates he is voting. The election officer, usually teachers then place it in the ballot box.A drop of ink wil be put in one of his fingers. After 3 pm, election personnel will count the vote manually. This is a very tedious and long process. We just hope that the next elections will be fully computerized. How is elections done in your country?
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@aruncrj (63)
• India
30 Jan 08
Hi, i am from India, proud to say that from the worlds largest democratic country. i know about the election system of India. In india we uses electronic voting machines together with ballot papers. Ballot papers are for those officials posted for election duty.The timing of polling is 7am to 5pm. after this the machines are to be sealed and kept in the counting center under high security. counting of votes will be on a date decided by the election commission. The counting process should have a maximum duration of 5 to 8 hrs.I think it is so fast because you have to count around 500,000,000 votes and 545 constistuencies. So you should know who is going to rule you for the next 5 years.