Security in foreign country

January 30, 2008 9:52am CST
Hello mylotters, Have you been to Russia before? How is the security over there? Is it true that if a female Chinese goes to Russia, she will get rape instantly?
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@ladyluna (7004)
• United States
30 Jan 08
Hello Titaniumsoul, I have not been to Russia. However, a friend of mine is from Moscow. She indicated that crime is much more common now than before the USSR fell, though I would still doubt the pervasive nature of the of the concern. Women are much more likely to be sexually assaulted by violent thugs IF they exhibit victim behaviors. I.e. carrying themselves other than in a confident manner, averting eye contact, submissiveness, etc... Granted, traditional Chinese culture emphasizes these kinds of behaviors as attractive for women, so I can understand the reason for the concern. Yet, if a Chinese woman prepares herself for the excursion, she should be OK. She should learn at least some of the Russian language. She should find out before ever setting foot on Russian soil, where she can purchase a can of mace once on Russian soil. She should make a concerted effort to appear confident not fearful, she should dress very conservatively, and she should always have access to an object that can be used for self defense, e.g. keys, umbrella, etc... And, if posible she should travel in pairs or packs, not alone!!! What's interesting is that the above advice is offered to any woman who travels to an unfamiliar, foreign country. Safety first, though I still think the statement is an exaggeration.
• Singapore
28 Feb 08
I agree the statement is a bit of exaggeration. Maybe he just want to express the severe consequences of female tourist walking down the streets of Moscow in indecent attire.
• Estonia
6 Feb 08
I have been to Moscow. Well, I am Russian myself and I can say that Russians are not as cruel and wild as one might think. The problem is that it is hard to keep a huge country in order, this is why crime rates might be high in these countries. I do not know about situation in Russia in general, but Moscow is a nice city. Tourists just have to avoid walking the dark streets of some unsafe districts, but it is a common thing in most big cities of the world.
@crazylife (855)
• United States
30 Jan 08
No, I don't think that is true, were did you hear that from