What do you believe.........Is there life after Death???

January 30, 2008 7:12pm CST
I was brought up in a catholic household, catholic school, Church every sunday etc, now that I'm older I'm having trouble deciding if I still believe in the things I was taught as a child. I dont believe that once we die, we get put in a hole and thats it see you later so to speak, but I'm also not sure if I believe that we go to heaven either...if we do go to heaven when we die then that would mean that there is a God, in that case if there is a God then why is there still so much suffering in the world, why do people still die, why are children still homeless and have nothing to eat. I would like to think that there is a God sitting up there in Heaven watching over us all......Would like to know anybodys thoughts..experiences....Anything.
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14 Mar 08
k8y1984: Hey i can relate to where you at in you search. I was raised episcipal, and was taught, what i should think. It wasn't until I began to search God out for my self and think with the mind he gave me that I discovered him for myself. One of the funny things I discovered for myself, is that being tough what to (think or to know) God himself, is that the new covenant between God & Man is Jeremiah 31: 31-34 especially verse 34 which says and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying Know the lord; for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, saith the lord; for i will forgive their iniquity, and i will remember their sin no more. Not to say that there should not be teachers, but as for knowing the Lord, It's a personal thing, between you and God. if you search for him he will reveal himself to you when your truly ready, on a personal level. I cant teach you how to have a relationship with your Mother, or any other person for that matter. It's something you must find on your own. Isn't that why they taught us Jesus came in the first place so we can have a personal relationship with God thru the sacrafice of his Son the Christ. Try spending time alone in a special place to you and you alone and ask him to reveal himself to you, I'm confidant from my own personal expierence, thats where it all really began for me then some of the things they taught me began to make some sort of personal sence. I don't mean either just saying a few words taught to you, I mean speaking from the heart, and then waiting a while in silence some time, the Lord for me anyways waits till I have all preconcieve notions out of my head so I can hear him and know him personally. mrgraves43
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31 Jan 08
There is definately a God. God doesn't make bad things happedn to people, he allows them to happen. It is hard to explain, but I believe he is sort of testing our faith. If you hold true to Him than you will experiance many blessings. Now as far as heavan is concerned, I'm sure you know this being Catholic and all, a person only gets there if he/she accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Now having said all this I can see where you would have disbelief after just watching one night of news. It seems the news is filled with stories of murders, rapes, and other terrible things. Like I said before hold true to your faith and you will be blessed.
• Mexico
31 Jan 08
As an engineer I stepped away a long time from all this religious stuff. In time I learned more and more about these ways mankind has and still is getting fooled. Remember the time it was said the earth was flat. As we are still developing our brains, there will come a time that we all function by the laws of the SUPER POWER, which to me is electromagnetic. Basically your problem comes down to not understanding what it is all about, but when you would dig more into reality, it will become more and more clear to you that most of religion is only to shake money out of your pocket....and let others live nicely on it. Just being honest with you. If you don't believe in yourself, then why belief in others?