Your Opinion about Window Vista

@aesopm (306)
January 30, 2008 10:01pm CST
Guys i want to know something pertaining Windows Vista, Are you using windows vista?, are you comfortable / happy using it? is there any problem in using windows vista?
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@Astarte (812)
• Italy
10 Feb 08
I use from a few weeks this operating system, from when I have bought the new notebook. My opinion is positive for some points, negative for others. It's a fast operating system, intuitive, facilitated, the manual operations are limited because everything is already made. The graphics is very beautiful and there is a lot of improvements. The greatest problems are determined by the fact that W.V. it is a NEW system op. There are only a few compatible programs and often also those presumed compatible are full of bug. I used Incredimail on XP and I cannot now use it anymore because I don't succeed in installing it. MSN has many problems, Emule also. I hope however that with the time all these problems are resolved... Windows is already planning Windows Seven that will replace Vista. By now I have read, that with the Service Pack of Vista that has gone out of few many bugs they should be resolved. Let's hope!
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@etavasi (751)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 08
Hi For the first time, i dont like vista, but after i learn how to use Vista and buy new RAM for speed up PC. Then I like vista, it look nice and easy to find program, and the bad thing is i need to find program that suitable for vista. But that not a big problem, :) try vista it's nice
@amministra (1042)
• Italy
15 Feb 08
i dont like
@nempel (139)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 08
hello aseopm, I'm still not using windows vista, I still prefer using windows xp instead, since vista requerment is too heavy, its facility asking too much resource from our system, and not all most today application can works with vista, so I'm still stuck with my xp, may be for arround one or two years again than I will starting using windows vista as my main operating system.
@jmcafam (2890)
• United States
31 Jan 08
I have only used vista a few times but out of those times I have used it I have been left fustrated. My hubby who is in IT can not stand it either. He says it is just to much trouble to deal with.