Bomb Hoax to schools

@subathra (3519)
January 31, 2008 10:13am CST
This world faced 2 wars and the destructions were not describable. The consequences of these 2 wars even now felt in Japan. There is a belief in Japan that the new born babies have some effect on them even now. This civilized world is well aware that if another war comes forth what will happen to this beautiful planet. There is a string organization to make sure this world is free from 3 world wars. Yet for all , all big nations , big world leaders are unable to stop bomb blast and terrorist attack almost in most of the countries. All of sudden there is a new form of attack on schools by using a public phone call. This is a new kind of attack taking place. Some lunatics just give a phone call to a school to say a bomb has been planted and it will go off at any time. Being very much worried the school authorized inform the police after sending off all the students. The police personnel’s, bomb squad having taking no chance assemble in school search bombs but the result finally is a hoax. Nowadays in India, these type of anonymous call is frequently faced by school management. See how this innocent phone call is being misused and realize the time wasted studies of students affected the terrible and fierce of teachers. The police track down the culprit from which telephone booth the phone call has come. Don’t you feel he is also a son of a mother of this country to cause this idiotic troublesome?
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