A question!!

@dlkuku (1936)
United States
January 31, 2008 2:39pm CST
Does your husband/wife or significant other act like you are doing something wrong when you are on the computer? My husband is weird, but I really don't blame him, his ex did a lot of things that made him this way. I tell him all the time I am not her, it's like comparing apples and oranges. I have never done anything to make him think I am doing something wrong on the computer, but he hears all these horror stories at work. How this one's wife met someone on the internet, and so on and on, and it freaks him out. My husband doesn't use the computer, he doesn't even know how to turn it on, and has no desire to learn. He says they are evil and I tell him, no, it's not the computer, it's the way some people use them that is evil. I think the vast majority of people who use computers are pretty decent, but you never hear the good stories, just the bad, and these stories make it sound like it is all bad.
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