Zune vs iPod

United States
January 31, 2008 5:06pm CST
There are new Zune players out. There are new iPods out including the touch. Do you have one or the other and how do you like what you have. If you have both or have one and know someone who has the other, how do you compare them. How about one of the other brands of music player, put your voice in too if you own one of the other machines.
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@chanrun (103)
• China
2 Feb 08
I don't have them,but my friends have it,the zune2 is out, compare the ipod nano3 and zune2. 1.the nano3 srceen is broad,and the zune2 looks not better than nano 2.nano is more thinner than zune 3.they both have differnet color. 4.compare sounds,i think zune is better than ipod i think they are both great,may be i can buy zune,because it's cheap,it's sounds betten than ipod,i use it only to listen music, so i choose zune more.
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• United States
6 Feb 08
I know that people like that the zune comes in more colors now and they say the sound quality is better. I also know that people have complained about having to use iTunes, and that even if you buy music from them you can only play the music on restricted machines, because it is the AAC with the license. The WMA of Microsoft has the DMA license too but I heard there are more available formats for that.
• Dominican Republic
6 Feb 08
i dont have anyone.......im not amerikan.