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January 31, 2008 9:11pm CST
Dasani grape flavored water? Or for that matter, Dasani lemon flavored water? The water is great! And I am not fan of flavored water but this has really become one of my favorite drinks. And drinking the water offeres an option to those of us who aren't regular soda drinkers. Maybe there's a better flavor out there..if so please let me know because I would be willing to try it. What I'd really like is a black-cherry flavored water. Now that would be FANTABULOUS!
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@YamiKiba (937)
• United States
15 Feb 08
Ooh yes. Yes I have. Lemon flavoured Dasani bottled water is one of my favorite flavoured water brands. ^^ Not a big fan of grape flavoured things though. .I only like grape when eating the actual fruit.
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15 Feb 08
I hear you Yamikiba. The lemon flavored Dasani bottled water is the truth! It's refreshing and it gives you the sensation of something sweet without using sugar. Now I'm not a big fan of raspberry, but it is drinkable.
17 Feb 08
This filtered tap water- from Sidcup Schweppes factory a few years back was awful in it's conception. Pure, purer than real water as it's filtered to be purer. Well I can buy a water filter and not be conned into buying bottled water as pure. Pure what I ask. Anyway ecological morals tell me that although it might taste great. When it sinks into obscurity due to it's disgusting marketing ploy that makes you wonder how they thought the british public would find it worthy. They ship it to Kenya and other such poor countries for sale to locals there who have little or no choice but to buy it if they can afford it. But what about the illegally high doses of things in it too? Unethical andf imoral to say the least.