do you ever get bored with your everyday life?

@rlynzz (75)
February 1, 2008 2:10am CST
sometimes it feels like life is a ball that just goes round and round, everyday it's the same. share your opinions.
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@yuriii (150)
• Hong Kong
3 Feb 08
I feel boring every day when I go to school! All of the student can't do everything except what the thacher told.It
@beeyah (48)
3 Feb 08
yes. doing the same routine everyday can be boring. but nevertheless, i still try to enjoy the kind of life i have.
2 Feb 08
Yup, sometimes I also feel that way. If you really feel like that maybe you should go out and try partying, hehehe... :)
• Philippines
1 Feb 08
Yes that happens and sometimes it could be depressing However, I try to do something new when I feel bored. I try to keep in touch to my family and friends when I feel like life is making me frown. Hearing from my loved ones is a spirit booster. When I feel the monotonous of life, I try to get away. For instance, there are times that I feel like I am online too much so I take a break from it.
@Wario_1 (965)
• Sweden
1 Feb 08
My everyday life can be filed under Major Suckage, since i dont have anything to do daily and barely have any money to have any sports or hobbies to do. I also feel ive almost exhausted every thing there is to do and soon i will freak out, almost feeling like blowing something up. Feels like it will take 1000 freakin years before i find a job and by that time ive allready stopped caring about it.